Team of Experts

Who I am:

I believe Customer Service is not a cost center anymore, an enterprise doesn’t have to tolerate it just to raise satisfaction, Customer Service in fact is the new marketing, it can provide any enterprise with an unparalleled competitive advantage that could generate direct revenue.

I am a Customer Service expert, who sets strategies aiming to distinguish the enterprise I work for from other competitors & generate revenue through Customer Service, by combining the science of Supply Chain, the science of Marketing, & Customer Service best practices leading to the creation of a lean Customer Service process that increases responsiveness while cutting down on cost, & producing a base of loyal customers

Areas of Experience & Knowledge:

  • Strategic Management & Planning.
  • Customer Service strategies & policies.
  • Call Center management & metrics
  • Crisis Management.
  • Supply Chain.


  • MBA“Masters degree of Business Administration”.
    • Major:
    • Institution: Arab Academy for Science & Maritime transport
    • Year Completed: 2016


  • DUTFA II “Diploma of translation from French to Arabic (2nd level)”
    • “Diplome Universitaire de Traduction Francais-Arabe, DUTFA 2” “International Relations and Economic    translation”
    • Institution: French Center of Culture & Cooperation, Cairo, Egypt, in conjunction with University Lyon II, Paris, France.
    • Year Completed: 2009


  • DUTFA I “Diploma of translation from French to Arabic (1st level)”
    • “Diplome Universitaire de Traduction Francais-Arabe, DUTFA 1” “International Relations and Economic    translation”
    • Institution: French Center of Culture & Cooperation, Cairo, Egypt, in conjunction with University Lyon II, Paris, France.
    • Year Completed: 2007


  • COPC Implementation Leader
    • Score: 92.5% on the COPC Implementation Leader exam


  • Bachelor’s degree of Engineering
    • Major: Civil Engineering
    • Institution: Ain Shams University
    • Year Completed: 2002



Training Courses:

  • Project Management (American Chamber)
  • QA management (Raya Contact Center)
  • TTT (Train The trainer) (Raya Contact Center)
  • Customer service skills. (Raya Contact Center)

Work Experience:

Wadi Degla Investments  –   October 2015 – Current.

Title: Customer Service Manager


Leading both, the Office Based team, & the Club based teams, and in charge as well of the Call Center, responsible for setting the Vision, Mission, & Strategy of the department. Ensures that the department’s KPIs are met, identifies, Points of strength, weakness, opportunities, & threats to make sure the department adds value & competitive advantage to the Enterprise at an efficient cost.

Job Description:

  • Develops strategies, policies, & approaches for both the C.C & C.S departments to ensure optimal performance, result, & revenue.
  • Running cost efficient operations, and providing cost/ benefit analysis to the Top management.
  • Manages operations through performance metrics that identifies deviation from target and ensure that corrective action is taken.
  • Follow up on the operational plans set by the Section Head.
  • Assumes direct responsibility for the C.C & C.S departments
  • Provides leadership towards the department & ensures the vision is clear to everyone and everyone is working to achieve it.
  • Performing capacity planning for the 2 departments.
  • Interviewing & hiring staff.
  • Responsible for developing supervisory staff through training, on-job training, & coaching.
  • Appraising performance of the Section Head, Business Analyst, & Senior In-Office Officer.
  • Ensures budget goals are achieved.
  • Comparing strategy’s objectives achievement to reality and work on closing the gaps.
  • Sets objectives for the staff.
  • Provides accurate monthly reports to top management.

Misr-Italia Group  –   July 2014 – October 2015

Title: Call Center & Customer Service Operations Section Head


The main purpose of the role is to lead the Customer Service department as well as the Call Center in the aim to maximize the company’s revenue through spreading word of mouth, cross-selling, up-selling, & managing the referral program.

Job Description:

  • Leading Customer Service C.S. & Call Center C.C. departments
  • Setting Customer Service & Call Center Policies & strategies.
  • Setting the Customer Service inter-departmental processes.
  • Manage the team’s collection handling.
  • Cross selling & Upselling the company’s products to our selected pool of customers.
  • Driving Customer Satisfaction.
  • Creating & Implementing Loyalty & referral programs to generate revenue.
  • Follow up on the day to day activities & reports for C.S. & C.C. departments
  • Revamp the process & Service manuals for Customer Service & Call Center departments.
  • Set Action plans to develop the Call Center & Customer Service department.
  • Create inter-departmental processes between the C.S./ C.C. departments and other departments.
  • Forecasting of the calls received by Call Center.
  • Revamp the quality metrics of the C.S. & C.C. departments.
  • Appraisal & Evaluation for C.S. supervisor & C.C. Manager
  • Attend One-to-One meetings between executives & supervisors.
  • Set suitable performance metrics & report the status to top management.

RAYA Contact Center (COPC Certified)  –  April 2009 – July 2014

 Title: HTC Technical Expert (Oct 2010 – July 2014)


A Technical Expert is a merger between a trainer & a regular team leader, I was Leading 3 teams of International Account Advisors (Greek, South East Europe, Middle East), with the purpose of enhancing their overall performance, and making sure they meet if not exceed their metrics.

I was also a focal point conveying new HTC programs to the entire project, and following up in its implementation.

Job Description:

  • Leading 3 teams of Customer Care/ Technical Support representatives.
  • Conducting one to one meetings & coaching sessions to ensure performance KPIs are met & enhance performance.
  • Analyzing CRM data to spot issues in product or process, report issues to client, create & implement action plans to eliminate them.
  • CSAT survey data analysis to increase & maintain high level of CSAT.
  • Focal point to convey to the HTC different customer complaints, designing & implementing action plans to overcome the recurrent issues.
  • Creating & implementing processes to apply new services or ensure the proficiency of current ones.
  • Work with HTC to make sure the representatives are up to date with the latest technical information.
  • Calculate the performance metrics with the team leader and make sure the required scores are met, and create action plans to rectify deviations.
  • Reference to the quality department in monitored transactions.
  • Monitor scored transactions for both Quality Executives & Team Leaders to make sure the scoring is following the correct process.
  • Designing training presentations & Conducting sessions to representatives across HTC for new software, updates, product knowledge, and technical troubleshooting techniques.
  • Conducting tests for the representatives, monitoring their calls, conducting test calls.
  • Making sure the overall quality of the transactions (Mails/ Calls) is consistent and meets the client requirements.

Title: Customer Care Manager/ International Account Advisor  –  (April 2009 – Oct 2010)


Handling complains & enquiries of HTC’s customer in the UK, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, & Bulgaria, as well as solve any technical issues.

Job Description: 

  • Following up on the customer satisfaction survey to analyze reasons of dissatisfaction.
  • Calling dissatisfied customers to learn the reason for their dissatisfaction & solve it.
  • Following up with the repair center to make sure the customers receive back their product without any issues & on time.
  • Solving the technical issues customers face with their phones
  • Providing any information, the customers enquire about whether regarding the functionality of the phone, key selling features, or the repair process.
  • Answering customer’s emails efficiently and correctly to ensure solution of their issues.

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